• 30 мая 2017, вторник
  • Москва, Мясницкая, 24/7, стр. 3, «Розетка и кофе»

Can we really boost brain functions? Advanced neuroenhancement techniques

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1444 дня назад
30 мая 2017, начало в 19:00
Мясницкая, 24/7, стр. 3, «Розетка и кофе»

On May 30 you are kindly invited to the open talk «Can we really boost brain functions? Advanced neuroenhancementtechniques» within the HSE project «University Open to the City: HSE Talks».

Non Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) techniques allow to establish relationships between brain areas and their functions and to induce transient behavioral changes. There is a recent trend in neuroscience to use these techniques in order to induce the so called "neuroenhancement", namely to increase brain activity in order to boost cognitive behavioral performance. We will discuss the effect size of cortical stimulation on brain performance.

Lecturer – Matteo Feurra, PhD in Psychology, Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychology,Faculty of Social Sciences, HSE.

Start time: 19.00.

Working language is English.

Everyone interested is welcome to attend!

If you would like to attend, please, register here.

The participation fee is 200 rubles (free coffee, tea and sweets). Payment on the spot.

Venue: Moscow, Ulitsa Myasnitskaya, 24/7,Bldg. 3, Smart place «Rozetka&Coffee».


About the project «University Open to the City: HSE Talks»:

HSE Talks Club is a place, where everyone candive into an international atmosphere with intellectual leisure.HSE professors from various countries will deliver open lectures in English on the most pressing topics in sociology, political science, psychology, neuroscience and other fields. It is not only lectures in English, but also the practice of the English language and live communications. The meetings will take place at Rozetka&kofe (Socket and Coffee – Ulitsa Myasnitskaya, 24/7, Bldg. 3), an anti-coffee house where guests will be offered free hot drinks and desserts. Guests are welcome to actively participate in discussions related to both research and language studies.


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